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Bronwyn Millar

I practice Specialised Kinesiology in Linden, Johannesburg. Specialised Kinesiology looks at all aspects of the holistic being, mind, body and spirit, and we use various modalities to help the client find healing and balance. New scientific studies have linked emotional stress and past trauma to nearly every illness that manifests in a person's life. Specialised Kinesiology can help you to release emotional blockages, as well as give you feedback using muscle testing to find where your body needs help. 


Are you experiencing recurring or sudden emotionally charged behavioural patterns such as anxiety attacks, burdening depression, suppressed anger? Do you Experience persistent obsessive/compulsive thinking patterns or have a mental/emotional/energetic issue which you are wanting to change? 
At Mind, Body, Heal we guide you to create this change. 


Do you have a physical condition, illness or pain and would like to find out and understand what your body is showing and communicating to you about who you are internally?

We assist and support you to understand what your body is telling you about where and how you are not living your fullest potential


What does pain, discomfort and other physical experiences reveal about your mind? What is your body trying to communicate to you when it brings up these experiences and how can you start aligning the relationship between your mind and body? These are some of the questions that we aim to help you answer and move you closer to self healing.